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From now on, everything that you appreciated about – be it insightful app reviews, the latest Clash Royale advice, or updates – will be found on Our commitment to maintaining the high-quality information and service you expect remains steadfast, and we’ll continue to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute insights about Clash Royale tips and related applications.

The incorporation of into streamlines our delivery of content in a more cohesive and user-friendly manner. Whether you’re seeking new Clash Royale strategies, comprehensive guides, or the freshest advice, will be your new go-to resource. Learn new tricks and download the latest updates 2024. To remind you a bit of the path that Clash Royale has traveled since its worldwide launch on March 3, 2017, we prepared this note that will fan you many memories if you play since then.

And the game has really changed a lot, for example, did you know that: The trio of musketeers originally cost 10 units of elixir? What made them a very impractical option, with the passage of time and power adjustments, Supercell chose to reduce its cost by 1 unit of elixir.

The skeleton army cost 4 elixir and gave you 20 skeletons? And so it lasted a long time, it was until late in the year when it was decided to reduce its value to 3 units and change the number of Larrys to 16, now it has changed again and there are only 15.

clashadvisor 1
clashadvisor 1

The only legendary ones that existed were the princess and the ice wizard? Not dreaming of an electric wizard, the next additions were sparkles and the lava hound. The legendary arena DID NOT EXIST? That's right, when the game was first launched, there were only 7 arenas: Duende Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Coliseum, PEKKA Fort, Valley of Spells, Construction Workshop, Royal Arena and even there. The first addition was the legendary arena, for the more advanced players, later the frozen peak was introduced and finally the jungle sand that will barely be a couple of months old.

Clash Royale History

At the end of each season the reset was at 3,000 drinks? If you have been playing for a long time, surely you still had to live this, now they return to 4 thousand trophies but previously you had to fall much more. Was it common to go into battle and find no rival? When you think about this it is obvious, when the game was first released, there were not enough players in the world to be able to match you all the time, however as the success of the game grew, this problem disappeared. As for the power of the cards, things have changed even more, it is very difficult to create a history of all of them but to give you an idea, this was the first balance made by SuperCell on March 23, 2016:

    • The crossbow lowered its range from 13 to 12 tiles.
    • The Tesla tower went from hitting every .8 seconds to every .7 seconds, and its life time was reduced from 60 to 40 seconds.
    • The life of the barrel increased from 40 to 30 seconds.
    • Princess hit points reduced by 10%.
    • Ice Mage's damage increased by 5%.
    • The Prince and Dark Prince's charge speed reduced by 13%.
    • Valkyrie's hitpoints and damage increased by 10%.
    • The Noble Giant's damage INCREASED by 20% (believe it or not, when it first came out, the Noble Giant was somewhat useless, but from this buff it went up to the degree of still being one of the most used cards)
    • Giant's damage increased by 5%.
    • Fury accelerated troops by 40% instead of 35%, but its duration was reduced by 20%.
    • The poison increased its damage by 5%, also at that time it slowed down enemy troops.
    • Trio of Musketeers had their cost reduced from 10 to 9 elixir.
    • Archers now start their initial attack faster.
    • The Globe's hit points increased by 5%.
    • The Witch received a 5% damage increase.

Surely more than one of these changes has surprised you, such as the huge buff that the noble giant received or the small boost to the balloon, in addition, it is worth mentioning that the witch is one of the most buffed cards in the history of the game and even thus it is not a top option.


Surely there are hundreds of other curiosities, such as the makeover of the fire spirits or the log that you can see in the arena before going into battle in the Construction Workshop (before it was a table, now it is El Tronco), but these We found them worth mentioning and will surely awaken the nostalgia of the most veteran players. Now the question is: what surprises does SuperCell have in store for us this anniversary month?

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