Clash Royale Best Game Google Play Awards 2016

It's a great time for Google to announce great new apps and features to a global consumer audience. But first of all, Google I / O is dedicated to the developers, the hardworking people who collectively built the Android ecosystem.

CLASH ROyale Best Game Google Play Awards 2016 enjoy it android videogames, easy to download and install, supercell game like clash of clans. At I / O 2016, Google honors the best Android developers with the first ever Google Play Awards.

Clash Royale Best Game Google Play Awards 2016

Google chose the best developer, app, or game out of five nominees for each of the ten categories. The nominees were announced on April 21, and unsurprisingly, the list is a who's who of Android development.

Clash Royale, the new game from Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, took home the Best Game award, after a close race against Alphabear, Clash of Kings, MARVEL Future Fight and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The Best App award went to Houzz, an interior design app that outperformed BuzzFeed News, Colorfy, TuneIn Radio, and Yummly.

Although Alphabear lost the title of Best Game, its developers were recognized with the Standout Indie award.

clash royale best game google play awards 2016 1
clash royale best game google play awards 2016 1

Google loves when developers create apps with Material Design, and this year, the app that impressed Google employees the most with its Material look and feel was Robinhood.

Virtual reality is a hot trend right now, and Google's new Daydream platform will ensure more virtual reality headsets and headsets hit stores in the coming months. Not surprisingly, the Play Store awards honored a virtual reality app with the title of Most Innovative: NYT VR from the New York Times.

At this year's Google I / O, Google decided to hold an awards ceremony. It's your party and you can do it if you want, right? In recent years, Google I / O, they held a pioneering event focused on the Material Design awards, but this year it is a broader Google Play award, so we have dropped to Stage 7 in Google I / O in the Shoreline Amphitheater parking lot. to see who takes home the award.

The best game
Games with solid mechanics, informative tutorial, broad appeal, and tasteful design.

clash royale best game google play awards 2016
clash royale best game google play awards 2016

Clash Royale

Clash Royale APK will surprise you. The different players in the game are ranked based on their number of trophies that are earned by winning the battles. There are a total of 12 battlefields in the game. Like the game Clash of Clans (which was also developed by Supercell), players can form their own clans or join other clans. Since the day of launch, it has been possible to download Clash Royale for free in different versions that update the game and will continue to do so as it will add new features to the Clash Royale APK.

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